These Guys are Thorough and Professional!

“I was in a terrible position when I needed to access a Mac computer that was locked by one of our employees who had recently passed away unexpectedly. He was the only one who had the passwords to many of our business accounts. (VM Squared) made arrangements to retrieve the laptop from our office for us. They took the time to understand what data or clues were that could help us figure out where all the account information was. These guys are fast, thorough, and professional: the next day they had already access the data on the computer.”

Lucy Betcher

Fixed in a FLASH!

“Recently I had an issue with a computer in our library. I called and they concluded the only thing he could do was come to pick up the computer. He was here in a FLASH. They came out, found the problem, and had our computer back up and working in no time. I was relieved that we would not have to worry about only having one computer at our circulation desk. I highly recommend VM Squared for all your computer and networking needs."

Ruby Holman Amory Public Library

A Rare Company that Imbues Trust!

"Though I have never been hacked and disabled, there have been attempts. There was an attempt just a few weeks ago. The VM Squared system immediately quarantined the attempt, and I notified Matt. He told me how to unload it, and voila, it was gone. He did some of his magic on his end, but all I did was respond to the prompt he gave me. I will scale down on other things before I give up the services of VM Squared. I’ve decided it would cost me more to have to go through the less competent professionals. VM Squared takes my business personally truly. That’s rare; it imbues trust.”

Cynthia Ware Epic Inspirations

A Seamless Ticket System and Consistently Immediate Response Time

“This company has had a seamless ticket system and consistently immediate response time from day one. I used to hear about issues with our systems and hardware on a frequent basis, and now – nothing,” beamed Sue. Kathleen and Sue are quick to note that the fact that VM Squared is over 1,300 miles away from their offices hasn’t had an impact on their level and quality of service. “In fact, I would go so far as to say that Matt Rose and his team make excellent technology coaches and advisors whom I would refer to any business who wants to know how to make technology work for them in their unique situation.”

Kathleen Lauchlan

VM Squared Meets Demanding Hardware, Software, Connectivity, and Security Requirements!

“Without the right technologies and systems in place, and because Lauchlan is so heavily technology based, our business would not be able to move to its next level of growth with ease. Our hardware, software, connectivity and security requirements need to be functioning at their optimum levels to meet the needs of our diverse portfolio, and I am more than positive that VM Squared will be able to continue to meet those demands.”

Sue Quattrochi