VM SQUARED July Newsletter 2020


We view it not only as our responsibility, but our right and privilege to protect your data and information with the highest quality, and most up to date platforms and equipment. VM Squared offers state of the art cyber security covering you from every direction.


Cyber security threats are ever present. Hackers, scammers, and phishers are ever vigilant opportunists and this month has been no exception. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, phishing emails have been probing for information under the guise of doctors and pharmacists. Please be aware of these scams and never click on any outgoing link that may be in your inbox. Often, these scams target the most vulnerable of our population, children and the elderly. Make sure that you protect your loved ones by informing them of this possible threat to their information and data.


As our industry is constantly changing and evolving, so are we. We educate our employees, partners and clients with the most up to date information possible. This keeps everything we do air tight and secure from the most heinous threat…ignorance.


This July, we’re celebrating our core value, attitude. Keeping a bright and positive outlook on the present and future will not only make you feel more at ease, it will also affect the outcome of your work and effort!


It can be great to work from home but it can also be challenging for time management. If you are working from home make sure that you’re taking regular breaks. Go outside and take a walk as an easy way to reset your mind and feel rejuvenated during the day


In the past few months our CEO, Matt Rose has been in contact with business owners and government leaders in the Dominican Republic. VM Squared is constantly tapping new markets and looking at new opportunities wherever they arise

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