Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication

The Landscape

The threat of being hacked and or having your password stolen is growing every day. Malicious actors cracking passwords have been a pain in the side of cyber security for years. Hackers are constantly getting more detail oriented and advanced.

So, in a world where people are trying to steal your passwords from every direction what can you do? Fortunately, even for someone who has no idea about cyber security, there are options.


There are a few actions that can be taken that will compliment a good cyber security team. One of those is called Two-Factor Authentication. Two-Factor Authentication essentially is a service that verifies your identity online. When you log on to a website, your Two-Factor Authentication can be set up to send you an email, text message, and in some cases even call your phone to verify that it is you logging on.

Fortunately, many websites have Two-Factor Authentication built-in, and will send you a text message with a unique code when you try to log on to their website. If a website doesn’t have Two-Factor Authentication, having a unique, and strong password that is regularly changed will be a gigantic help to your cyber security efforts.


Education is an extremely important step in making sure that you and your companies’ information is well-guarded. If your entire team is using Two-Factor Authentication whenever possible and keeping strong and unique passwords, the chance that you will be hacked will be exponentially reduced.


Unchecked cyber security issues can cause long-term damage to a business, cost thousands to millions of dollars, and destroy your businesses reputation. If you’re interested in exploring both educational opportunities and tools that are proven to keep your team’s data safe, make sure that you visit our contact page.

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