Public Wi-Fi and the VPN


Traveling and being connected can be a hassle. It can be worrisome to rely on your cell phone data when traveling because of spotty connections and lack of service. In the digital age, public WIFI feels like a must. Without it you may feel like you’re sacrificing your availability. Unfortunately, nothing is free and like so many other luxuries these days public Wi-Fi comes at a high cost. The cost is your privacy.

Most of us are aware that advertisers are constantly looking for data from users that they can use to market. Public Wi-Fi is no exception, often public Wi-Fi requires handing over information that marketers and advertisers will gain in exchange for access to internet in public spaces. This can be pretty annoying and feel somewhat invasive. But what about more intrusive violations to our privacy?


On public WI-FI, you are opening yourself up to a variety of insecurities. One of these is Wi-Fi snooping. This is when anyone can connect to an insecure Wi-Fi network and can get access to the documents and files on your computer. Hackers can also give your devices malware by sharing files. These are only two examples of many. There are numerous ways that an intelligent individual can gain access to your information via public WI-FI.


One relatively simple work-around that will help guard your data and personal information is called a VPN. Virtual Private Networks, or VPN’s offer more secure connections than computer Wi-Fi. They encrypt data leaving your computer to keep away prying eyes.


Avoid using public Wi-Fi whenever possible but remember that when that isn’t possible there are ways that you can safeguard your information against those trying to steal it. For more information, read some of our other blog posts, or contact us.

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